Mean Moms

After nearly a year with very little activity in my blog (an unfortunate side effect of Baby #2), I am breaking my silence because, honestly, my heart is breaking today.

I am a mom. I have many friends, local and online, who are, like me, moms of small children. We all want them to be happy and healthy and productive adults one day. We would all give our right arms for their safety and probably for just one solid night's sleep for ourselves, too. Bottom line: We all love our kids.

So why are we so mean to each other?

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New Item - Spirit Ribbons

In honor of fall football frenzy, I whipped up a Spirit Ribbon for my daughter to wear to tailgating. She loved it so much I thought I'd offer a few for sale in my shop... and that turned into a full-fledged product launch!

Watch my IG account for color-combo inspiration or click Read More to see all the ribbons I have available!

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Summer 2014 Netflix Picks

Our family loves movies! But we live on a pretty tight budget which means trips to the theatre are a pretty special occassion. This summer, we're maximizing the movie-resources we have available to us to enjoy the most reel-family-fun. I'll share our tips for cheap family movie-going in the next few weeks and hopefully you'll find a few new ideas for your family, as well! Enjoy!

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